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Constant Sign Brightness

Super Orbis LED is now available with Constant Sign Brightness.

Constant Sign BrightnessWe think this unique innovation could provide owners of signs and sign makers with a new way to specify, design and manufacture signs which remain bright for the life of the sign.

We appreciate how important it is that your brand and sign remains bright, attractive and effective for the entire time it’s in service.  To achieve this, a plan of preventative maintenance is crucial.  This must identify, finance, schedule and implement routine repair and cleaning works.

Super OrbisThe introduction of Super Orbis LED did away with the need for short lived fluorescent tubes by replacing them with a much longer life, dependable and very low maintenance alternative.  All light sources, however, including all LEDs lose brightness over their lifetime.  This is called lumen depreciation.  The definition of a failed LED is normally accepted as when its brightness drops below 70% it initial brightness.

Lumen Maintenance Curves

The point in time when and LED equipped sign requires replacement is the when the LEDs reduced in brightness and the sign’s materials become dirty and degraded all causing the sign to become dim and less effective than what is acceptable.   

Constant Sign Brightness for the life of the sign

Super Orbis Constant Sign BrightnessNow with Constant Sign Brightness we can compensate for the effects of lumen depreciation plus dirty and degraded sign materials.  In consultation with the user or sign maker and taking into account the planned service life, working environment, LED lumen deprecation and sign construction, we factory program the sign’s control gear to gradually increase the LEDs

Step 1 determine:
a)    service life of sign in years
b)    hours lit per year
c)    service environment e.g. dirty, clean, exposure to salt, UV
d)     LED lumen depreciation

Step 2 determine off-set factors

Offset Factors

Constant Sign Brightness

Power Level and Working Hours

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