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About Super Orbis LED

LED Lighting Products

Super Orbis LED is the brightest and most economical way to light large scale flex-face and acrylic panel sign boxes.

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Designed for flex-face sign boxes

Traditionally, large scale flex-face sign boxes are internally lit using fluorescent tubes. The increasing pressure to find a more energy efficient, reliable and simple to install alternative has inspired us to develop Super Orbis LED.

Market leading brightness, 235 lumens

At its heart is a high quality Nichia white LED. This bright and efficient LED produces up to 235 lumens and an efficacy up to 117 lumens per W.

Encapsulated, water and dust resistant (IP65) modules are spaced at 60cm intervals along a flexible chain.

Exceptional performance achieved with special Batwing lens

Light is distributed forwards in a wide batwing or M shaped beam. This reduces the number of modules required to produce a uniformly lit appearance on the flex-face’s skin.

Only 4 modules and 10watts / 1 sq Metre

From just four Super Orbis LED modules in a single, easy to lay out, series chain are required to light 1 sq M of sign which will consume 10W of electricity. A single power supply is necessary to achieve a choice of two brightnesses in up to 10 sq metres of sign.

Constant Sign Brightness – For the life of the Sign

Constant Sign BrightnessAll light sources including all LEDs lose brightness over their lifetime. Sign materials also degrade with age, they get dirty and the Sign becomes dim and ineffective.

Super Orbis LED is now available with an option to offset the effects of aging.

Taking into account a sign’s planned service life, LED lumen deprecation, working environment and even degradation to skins and plastics, we can compensate for these factors by programming the sign’s control gear to gradually increase power to the LEDs over time.

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